Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friendship Friday - Banned Books?

Question Of The Week

This week is Banned Books Week!

How do you feel about books being challenged and Banned from libraries and schools?

As a university professor, I am a big believer in knowledge as power.  I find that in order to really understand anything, you need to examine a phenomenon from multiple perspectives.  The banning of books limits people's abilities to read and come to understand another perspective on the world.  It creates an environment where doors close and knowledge becomes dis-empowered   It allows the ignorant to reign.  As history has proven time and again, ignorance is not bliss but an opportunity for some to control and manipulate others.  This is why knowledge and books should never be banned.  People not questioning and merely following orders because someone said to, is where evil really may lie.  The ability to evolve one's thoughts over time and space is the key to not only survival but to happiness, justice and a civil society.  The banning of books is the antithesis of free society.

Once again thanks to our gracious hosts for this meme.  This is an important question that should be discussed.

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