Wayne's Biography

  • I was born in Toronto in my mid 70s.
  • As a kid I enjoyed playing baseball and going on camping trips to Killbear Provincial Park.
  • My first job was working in the same factory as my dad - errand boy, grass cutter and unfortunately bathroom cleaner.
  • I went to St. Brigid's Catholic School for elementary ummmm...education.
  • We adopted Robyn in January of 2002. Liam was born in 2006 followed by Erik in 2010.
  • I taught for a year at the California University of PA before moving to Charleston in 2006.
  • I earned tenure & promotion to Associate Professor in 2012.
  • Currently, I have published over 75 pieces (journal articles, book reviews & conference proceedings) in since 2004 (flip over the the publications page to see the journal articles).

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