Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Memetravaganza

Hi all,

It has been awhile since I did the Friday meme's.

So I guess I will start with Mrs. 4444s and the Friday Fragments to update all of you...

    Half-Past Kissin' Time
  • Just finished teaching MBA class yesterday.  It was the first time teaching the class and I had them four days a week for three and a half hours a day.  Trying to juggle that with end of regular term, family needs and starting summer research projects (of which I currently have seven) - life is going 100 miles an hour.
    • On a related note: by the time you get to read my fragments next week, I will be on a plane to China.  More on that next week.
  • Yesterday was Heather ( and I 15th anniversary.  We celebrated by barely speaking to each other courtesy of  work and demanding young children.  P.S. You may notice these are being written between 3:30 and 4:00 am.
    • On a related note: At least we did nothing where another child could result in another child being added.  
  • Heather and the kids are headed to Canada next week.  So the kids are going to get a large dose of grandparents.
    • On a related note:  Hopefully Erik's confusion that he has a new cousin named Thomas will be cleared up.  He thinks he has a tank engine for a family member.
Now on to Hilary and the Four Fill Ins

This week’s statements:

1. If I don’t  sleep then I get short in my patience.

2. I wish I could live on an island in the South Pacific but then again I may occasionally miss my children.

3. Suffering fools is challenging for me.

4. I would say I am “computer literate” because I have learned to use it as an effective tool over the years.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pondering the knot?

Brenda's pondering writing prompt is:


Well, well, well.  Isn't this kind of appropriate.  Today, Heather ( and I tied the knot 15 years ago.  It is hard to believe that it was that long ago.  Heck, look I even had a little more hair.

15 years ago we were living in Toronto (we have since lived in Kitchener, Neyaashiingmiing, Shallow Lake, Kitchener (again), Charleroi & finally Charleston).  At the time, I had not even started my Master's program yet, let alone my Phd or academic career.  I was still working Parks and Recreation at the time...  Hence the less round physique.  Though I am not the only one that has had some ummmmm.... aging issues.

Heather was and still is a beautiful bride.  On that day she radiated (even if that radiation led to a melt down on the photographer)...This great photo was taken when she sat down and refused to move until someone got her a glass of water.  Can someone say bridezilla? Tee hee hee...

Over 15 years it has been a wondrous trip.  It is amazing to think that this was Robyn at our wedding (with her parents) and that on Monday I am taking her to go get her learners permit to drive... Believe or not at that time, we thought we would never have children (well at least I thought so. Heather I am sure had other nefarious ideas)...  Now we are three kids later.

Over the 15 years we have managed to build a happy family who lives in a beautiful place.  We are surrounded by a great family and tremendous friends. We are working to make our community a better place. We are growing and developing.  We are loving, caring and kind.  In total, it has been a productive use of our time.  

So to my beautiful bride, I wish that our next 15 years is as great as our first 15 have been (and that we get a maid service at some point).  I love you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thirsty for Comments hop

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday -Take Me Out to the Ballpark

We went to a Charleston Riverdogs game on Sunday.  They have a beautiful ballpark and here is the photo evidence...

Yes, they have a beach at the ballpark...

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monday Quiz

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me - hosted by Acting Balanced and Touristic

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Our Questions:

1. How much do you trust the media in their reporting? Are there certain media outlets you trust or distrust more?

2. I just found out that May is National Egg Month... who knew... how do you like your eggs?

3. What have you written in the past six months that you are proud of?

4. When are you going to get to your spring cleaning?

My Answers:

1. How much do you trust the media in their reporting? Are there certain media outlets you trust or distrust more?

I trust most of the media outlets to look out for their own best interests.  If it doesn't fit their well being, facts will be skipped or ignored.  It has really become sad that the fourth estate has been corrupted by the conglomerates to service theirs and the political masters needs rather than be a critical information source for the masses.  

2. I just found out that May is National Egg Month... who knew... how do you like your eggs?

Over and easy...

3. What have you written in the past six months that you are proud of?

Working with two of my favorite co-authors (Steve Litvin & Bob Pitts), we published a paper entitled...

Sedentary Behavior of the Nontravel Segment: A Research Note

    Nontravel behavior has been studied in some depth, with the intent generally to find ways to motivate the segment to travel. This research examined an aspect of nontravel behavior previously unexplored: their “at-home” behavior. The results are very informative and reflect a highly sedentary lifestyle. The nontravelerers were found to be far less active in their daily lives, both recreationally and culturally, than were those who traveled. This sedentary lifestyle, not before identified, is an important characteristic adding to the difficulty of motivating the nontravel segment to travel

  1. 4. When are you going to get to your spring cleaning?

Hopefully next weekend before our annual sojourn to Canada (though I have a stop off in China along the way...More on that later). 

but here is my 5th question

As you can read, I am back to raise the level of discourse of the MQAM.  That was until Heather replaced my question...

Who are you most likely to acquiesce to?

with one about How one likes their eggs.  I feel like Sheldon with Penny...

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100th Listicle?

Congrats to Stasha on hosting 100 Listicles...This is what she says about it...

"Next week is our 100th listicle. Seriously, 100!!!!! 
So I believe a list on why listicles are great is in order."

10. Listlces offer plenty of chances for a guy with a wacky sense of humor to mess with words and ideas...

9.   Top ten is great but I would be more impressed if it was top nine.  10 always gets the credit and what I do get as 9? Zip, nada, nothing.

8.  While sometimes the topics get girly, I can always guy them up!

7.  Because life doesn't always have to be serious...

6.  One suffers less carpal tunnel from typing listicles compared to when surfing for porn.

5.  It allows for serious procrastination from accomplishing real work...

4.  Listicles allows for a greater understanding of the human psyche...I bet you didn't know you were taking a blotter test when writing this list each week did you?

3.  When I get to write Heather @ listicles in my own way...tee hee hee!

2.  When I can not really think of ten things, I put in a couple of goofy things just to prevent me from looking like a total idiot - yet you all see through that facade...

1.  Because Stasha is a gracious and lovely hostess.  I thank and appreciate all of her efforts in managing this weekly undertaking of rank order madness.  It may my statistical heart happy to play with rankings...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sundays in My City...

On Saturday we went to Edisto Beach - here are the photo results...

Thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting:

Unknown Mami

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Six Squared Saturday - The Return!

A new MBA course to teach...
Summer research projects to get started...
Five AM wake ups every day
Trying to keep family somewhat happy.
Something,sometimes, has to be sacrificed.
Finally getting back to the blog!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pondering Thursday

Thanks to Brenda for hosting.  This weeks topic is 'Handle' and that can only be answered one way in my mind...