Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles.

This week's topic is...


(Why must it always be 10?)

9. October baseball...not that the Jays have seen that in awhile but I still remember Joe Carter...

8. Cool nights & crisp mornings - here in the sunny south, weather becomes near perfect with the exception of the occasional hurricane.

7.New beginnings - start of the school year for me - teaching freshmen not only about the material but           answering ummmm...interesting questions about the transition to College life.

6. Birthdays galore - Heather, Liam & Erik all have fall birthdays - obviously the our family likes to deliver serious 'gifts' the previous Christmas/New Years.  

5. Fantasy hockey - though this year it seems the only hockey I will see is in my fantasy's.  Perhaps fantasizing about hockey will help avoid delivering any more of the 'gifts' mentioned in the previous point.

4. Chili - the great fall tradition.  Yummy!

3. Poppies - It is a bitter sweet but I always remember to read In Flanders Fields on 11/11.  I am always surprised that the poppy tradition is not followed in the USA.

2. Rain.  I look forward to the rain.  Just listening to the rhythm of drops hitting various surfaces and watching the lightening dance across the sky. It creates a ballet of nature that can be unparalleled.

1.  Colors - though they are not as lovely here as they were growing up in Canada.  It is one of the things that I do miss - that and proper poutine.  

Monday Quiz About Me

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Music Monday


Can someone hit the snooze button a few too times for me?

October is here and it is time to get ready to do the...

Thanks to: XmasDolly for her efforts as Conductor &  CALLIE/JAmericanSpice, Stacy/Stacy Uncorked & Cathy/Cathy Kennedy  for being great Co-Conductors

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sundays in My City - Old Naval Base

Unknown Mami

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday


 Thanks to Cate at for hosting Six Word Saturday...

Running in a circle, getting anywhere?

Four Fill In Friday

Thanks to Hilary at Feeling Beechie for hosting the Friday Four Fill In.

This weeks statements are:
1. When I was little I was called anything that rhymes with Wayne - The pain being the most popular. 

2. Peanut M&M's are my favorite candy because if you hold them upside down they can be call WWS my initials.  What can I say, I was a conceited child.

3. If I could have one magical power it would be to read minds.  I am pretty good at this already but to really see what is inside someone's head would be fascinating to me.

4. If I could go back to school it would be to become a electrician.  If I would have chosen to become an electrician in high school, I would not have had to spend 10 years getting three post secondary degrees, seven years on tenure track to get to the level I am am - only to hear how I get my non-existent summers off.  I would have been able to go to college for two years, apprentice for four more and would have been making the same money with great job security, since I was 23 not since 38 or so.   Making close to $75 to $100 K a year for ten more years would have enhanced my retirement fund tremendously. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea .

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting this Friday fun.

  • I want to start off by saying thanks to my pal over at Sanity's Overrated for a very kind shout out yesterday. I was touched by it.
    • On a related note:  It looks like we are going to break another visitation record this month.  It will be the 10th month in a row that visitation will reach a new record high.  Speaking of high, what are you people on?  I do thank all of you for dropping by nonetheless.
  • Heather has been volunteering at Liam's school most of this week.  This has left me with Erik duty.  We have had a good time together.  
    • On a related note: My ability to roar is at an all time high though I need to work on making my dinosaur and lion more distinctive.  Everyone's a critic, even a near two year old apparently.
  • I just finished reading a book entitled, Why I Hate Canadians by Will Ferguson.  It is a snappy read with some nice poignant thoughts.   
    • On a related note:  His favorite book of mine is still on entitled Bastards and Boneheads.  It is about the history of Canadian Prime Ministers.  

  • I took this picture of Erik the other day.  I do not know if the look on his face should worry or amuse me.
    • On a related note: Just to amuse me, please write a caption as to what he was thinking in the comments below.

  • I had a great lunch with my colleague and friend Steve this week.  He is an awesome guy and probably the best story-teller I have ever met.  It is a pleasure just to sit and listen to him at times.  
    • On a related note: I find it amazing when people tell me that they have a ton of friends.  I find it hard to keep engaged and stay relevant to the few that I have.  Perhaps there are some much more talented at this friendship think than I am.
  • I have managed to kill my back deck plants.  I guess my green thumb has turned black.  I miss having my roses.  I am still trying to figure out where I went wrong.  
    • On a related note:  I am quite adept at growing weeds (and not the profitable kind either).
  • It is the end of September and I am officially sick of the USA election and I don't even own a TV.  I can not imagine how painful it is to have to sit through political ads.
    • On a related note: I am also sick of Canadian, workplace and Sri Lankan politics as well.
  • Robyn is participating in her first debate on Saturday.  It is being held at the USC.  You know the school of Universally Small (let's just call them Roosters).  
    • On a related note:  The topic is whether automatic weapons should be banned. For a freshman in high school this is a pretty heady topic getting into constitutional and legal arguments.  She seems to be prepared and ready to go.  I am sure she will make us proud.  I wonder if her Canadian side will come out in this argument.  Mes thinkin' so. 


Pondering With A Purpose - Wander


Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering With a Purpose.  This week's theme is:


I love to wander.  It is right up there with loving to meander, strolling or go for a saunter.  Whether it the neighborhood or the recesses of my mind, I love to take the time to see and try to understand the world at this particular moment.  Wandering forces one to slow down and take in the moment slowly - like savoring every bite at a fine restaurant.  It makes one to view the fine details.  To admire the brush strokes of a master artist.  The ability to wander lets one to build anticipation for the next moment.  What will be found around that next bend - it creates surprise.  Wandering forces us to not think linear; it is more chaos theory.  One's adventure is based on potentially 1000s of variables, few of which we would see if we moved faster or with a plan.  In a world based on speed and answers available in milliseconds on Google; is not knowing what is upcoming a pleasure in itself?  In total, we all need to wander at times.  It helps us explore, which leads to us learning and growing as human beings. Why rush through life; isn't it short enough as is?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The Wednesday Hodgepodge this week falls on John Chapman's birth date. He's more famously known as Johnny Appleseed...what's your favorite variety of apple?

I will go with the Granny Smith Apple...

2. When did you last say 'ick'?

The moment my doctor said the word diet.  Low carb, no caffeine and no processed foods.  That was my whole diet.

3. Do you think there's a generation gap? Explain.

As a professor, I hear about this all the time.  Yes, there is a generation gap.  The rapid advancement of technology combined with a 9-11 world and a bad economy has affected this generation.  This is not necessarily for the worse.  A few points for each argument: 


This generation are in the Google world.  They understand how to find the answer to just about any question quickly and easily.  As a result of technology they are very good at multitasking and being highly efficient with their time.  The downside is that they are not necessarily good at going deep.  Deep one-on-one conversations in a texting world is tough.  Also projects that take a lot of redundancy or in-depth inquiry can be painful to them.  

9-11 World:

This generation is more concerned with having a more well rounded lifestyle.  It is not all about work to them.  They also talk to their friends and family frequently. Relationships are very important to this generation. On the downside, they are willing to trade freedom for security.  They do not mind having their bags searched or information taken.  It is part of their world.

Poor Economy:

This generation knows it will be the first in a long time that will not live better than their parents.  As a result of this realization they work hard in school.  Most have a part time job on top on an internship while also going to school full time.  They do all of this to ensure that they will be competitive for a job upon graduation.    This often leaves them little time for social life. So when they play, they play hard.  They are also growing up in a corporate world.  They understand that companies will discard them like yesterdays garbage; as a result they tend to have little patience and 'loyalty' to a company.  Someone makes them a better offer, they will leave.  They have loyalty to people yes, companies not so much.  A job is not personal, it is business.

4. What's on your computer screen saver? Do you leave it alone or change it often?

Good computer screen just goes blank.

5. If you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say?

Stuff is not important, people are.  We are so concerned with getting the next greatest thing, we have forgotten about what is truly important.  If we became as concerned with the well being of our society as we are about the latest iPhone, we would eliminate most human suffering.

6. Four fashion trends to try this fall are-brocade/jacquard (fancy printed fabrics), peplum, lace, and printed pants...which of these four would you be most likely to wear?

Ummmm, guy here.  Fashion and I are not well acquainted.  I will stick with suiting up!

7. What can make your bad day better?

Sex, good music or a funny moment.  These are not mutually exclusive categories.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

What is the next generation going to be like?

Pour Your Heart Out

I am an idiot.  I spent some serious time at my doctors office at the end of August.  This was for overcooking myself and endangering my health which was idiotic thing number one.  If that was not bad enough, we just got a note from the insurance company.  Apparently the clinic my doctor sent me to was 'out of network.'  I just went figuring the doctor would not steer me wrong and as a result of my ignorance, we are going to get a not so pleasant bill.

The thing is this is, this is the first time I have really used the health care system myself since moving to the USA seven years ago.  My wife deals with herself and the kids so I am quite ignorant of the system.  I never even thought to ask about whether the clinic was in network or not.  I figured we since we have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield that was big enough that just about everyone works with them.  I once again proved the old adage, "assume makes an ass out of you and me," correct once again.  I am now stuck with a bill because I was more worried about my health than to ask fiscally sound questions at the time.  

Lesson learnt. Shame felt.  Now broke.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Chat - Back to School

Thanks to Leslie for hosting this caffeine filled hop...

Back To School - The Routines

It is hard to believe but we are four weeks plus into the school year here.  The report so far is a good one.  

Robyn is enjoying grade nine.  She likes her high school and is finally being challenged by her school work.  I guess a school with that contains only the top middle-schooler's from across the county should do that right? She even has her first debate competition this weekend.

Liam is also enjoying his new school and the kindergarten experience.  We still have a few problems with the early morning school bus (he is picked up around 6:30 am) but other than that, he seems quite happy.  

As for me, it is weird not teaching this semester.  I will say that at first I thought I would miss it tremendously but the reality is that I am enjoying the change of scenery.  I would highly recommend a sabbatical after seven years to anyone who can do it.  The batteries are being recharged.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Monday Listicles - Home Edition

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles.  This week's topic is:

(Just in case a thief reads this - I don't want them to have their time wasted)
  1. Right now we have three lap tops that are obsolete sitting around.  We also have three VCRs and two TVs that do not work.  Is this the new age equivalent to have cars on blocks in front of your house?
  2. We have a wide assortment of 'Cars' cars.  We have six different Lightening McQueens; seven Tow Maters and assorted other characters that no one cares about.  A few are not dented or missing tires yet.  
  3. Books - lots of books.  There is a great combination of obsolete text books, romance novels, teen vampire stories and kiddie board books.
  4. We have a plethora of bills.  Feel free to take some; we really do have plenty.
  5. Speaking of bloggy wives - we have some 'interesting' test products.  Potential thieves can go onto to see if there is a product they would be interested in.   I recommend the nursing pads and Boogie Wipes - they have a ton of street value among the mommy buyers.
  6. We also have a plethora of kitchen gadgets.  You can peel your potatoes four different ways in our house.  Then again, you need to be able to find one when you need it.
  7. Our DVD collection includes such hits as Dora the Explorer, Magic School Bus and Thomas the Tank Engine.  I am sure they are worth something... Maybe sell them to the military to use as torture devices?
  8. Now here is something, we have a lot of dinosaurs.  They are the toy of the moment at our house.    Think of how cool you could be driving around with a Tiny Pteranodon sitting on your dash.  She even sings!   Apparently she likes fish.
  9. Heather does posts for Perhaps you need some battery powered martini mixers.   We have a couple of those.  They hardly get used - or at least so I am told...
  10. Broccoli, cucumber and lettuce...this diet I am on has filled our fridge with green, boring, and tasteless goodness.  Feel free to take some - just leave a cheeseburger in exchange and we're all good.    


Thanks to XmasDolly/Conductor & my girls, CALLIE/JAmericanSpice, Stacy/Stacy Uncorked & Cathy/Cathy Kennedy Co-Conductors for being hostesses with the mostesses.

This weeks theme, Songs From Your Children' Birth Years.

Since I have three kids...

Let me introduce Robyn, she was born in 1998.

Now it is Liam's turn.  He was born in 2006.

Finally, Erik who was born in 2010.

All three kids are special in their own way...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sundays In My City

Unknown Mami

As always, thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting Sundays In My City...

Liam and I work up about 5:00 AM on Saturday.  Rather than wake up the household we decided to go for a walk and breakfast.  Here is the photo evidence...

 I also took some spectacular sunrise pictures... They will be published in full on Wordless Wednesday (Tuesday) but here is a preview...