Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Fragments - Almost Famous Edition

Mommy's Idea

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments:

  • Do you have a meme?  Heather and I are building a list of meme's and will do a weekly feature on one.  If you wanted to be added to our list just click here and fill out the form
    • On a related note: My Wordless Wednesday Meme had over 85 hook ups.  I just wish I were that successful when I used to date...  I have to give a special thanks to my guest photographer for the next couple of weeks Dr. Henry Xie.  Please drop by Sunday to his pictures of Charleston and on Wednesday to see part two of his trip to China.  His pictures are spectacular!
  • Speaking of photo's, this week I was used as a prop for a photoshoot.  The College decided I looked like a professor people would want to take.  Apparently, I regularly teach class on the 17th tee...except that I have and sometimes do...(see next point)

    • On a related note: The College also released a YouTube featuring my summer course.  Aren't I almost famous...

  • I am headed to Switzerland and Germany starting on Sunday.  Heather is officially jealous!
    • On a related note: Heather's family is coming to visit while I am away.  Her parents, sister and aunt are coming to visit for the week.  She is going to be one busy lady.

Now for a special addition:

I was asked for my funniest kid/parent story this week and I said it was too long to add in that particular post and that I would add it to Friday Fragments.

As some of you may know I used to work for Toronto Parks and Recreation.  When I was 19 or so I was coaching six year old soccer.

One of the kids comes up to me at the end of practise with her mom and asks me, "Are you older?"

I looked at her mom for a hint and she gave me a blank stare.  Thinking this was a bit of a strange question I replied to her, "What do you mean?"

The little girl replied, "Well my mommy was telling Ms XXX that if you were older, she wouldn't mind playing with you. Do you want a play date?"

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