Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pondering History


Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering.  This weeks theme is


We all have history.  One of the great things about humanity is our memories.  Memories allow us to learn and move forward in our progress.  Beyond our own memories, we learn from other's stories to create a shared memory or history.   Humanity has used history as a great teacher for eons.  

The funny/sad thing is, that most of my students dislike history.  They see it as memorizing facts and dates, not as lessons on the evolution of our species.  I have been told by many a student that history is boring and useless.  How will knowing ancient Greek history help me find a job they ask?  I answer to those charges, history becomes power in the analysis.  Learning how to examine one's past can help to understand and predict how things may work in the future.  It one of the keys to learning.  Why should you make a mistake yourself, when you can learn from someone elses.  Without history, we lack that capability.

I personally love history.  I yearn to learn about the human existence and psyche.  It excites me to think about the lessons of yesterday so that I may use them to become a more positive contributor in the present and a visionary for the future.  Understanding history allows for open minds which leads to innovation and development.  In summary, history is the gateway to the future.

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