Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monday Listicles - Home Edition

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles.  This week's topic is:

(Just in case a thief reads this - I don't want them to have their time wasted)
  1. Right now we have three lap tops that are obsolete sitting around.  We also have three VCRs and two TVs that do not work.  Is this the new age equivalent to have cars on blocks in front of your house?
  2. We have a wide assortment of 'Cars' cars.  We have six different Lightening McQueens; seven Tow Maters and assorted other characters that no one cares about.  A few are not dented or missing tires yet.  
  3. Books - lots of books.  There is a great combination of obsolete text books, romance novels, teen vampire stories and kiddie board books.
  4. We have a plethora of bills.  Feel free to take some; we really do have plenty.
  5. Speaking of bloggy wives - we have some 'interesting' test products.  Potential thieves can go onto to see if there is a product they would be interested in.   I recommend the nursing pads and Boogie Wipes - they have a ton of street value among the mommy buyers.
  6. We also have a plethora of kitchen gadgets.  You can peel your potatoes four different ways in our house.  Then again, you need to be able to find one when you need it.
  7. Our DVD collection includes such hits as Dora the Explorer, Magic School Bus and Thomas the Tank Engine.  I am sure they are worth something... Maybe sell them to the military to use as torture devices?
  8. Now here is something, we have a lot of dinosaurs.  They are the toy of the moment at our house.    Think of how cool you could be driving around with a Tiny Pteranodon sitting on your dash.  She even sings!   Apparently she likes fish.
  9. Heather does posts for Perhaps you need some battery powered martini mixers.   We have a couple of those.  They hardly get used - or at least so I am told...
  10. Broccoli, cucumber and lettuce...this diet I am on has filled our fridge with green, boring, and tasteless goodness.  Feel free to take some - just leave a cheeseburger in exchange and we're all good.    

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