Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pondering With A Purpose - Wander


Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering With a Purpose.  This week's theme is:


I love to wander.  It is right up there with loving to meander, strolling or go for a saunter.  Whether it the neighborhood or the recesses of my mind, I love to take the time to see and try to understand the world at this particular moment.  Wandering forces one to slow down and take in the moment slowly - like savoring every bite at a fine restaurant.  It makes one to view the fine details.  To admire the brush strokes of a master artist.  The ability to wander lets one to build anticipation for the next moment.  What will be found around that next bend - it creates surprise.  Wandering forces us to not think linear; it is more chaos theory.  One's adventure is based on potentially 1000s of variables, few of which we would see if we moved faster or with a plan.  In a world based on speed and answers available in milliseconds on Google; is not knowing what is upcoming a pleasure in itself?  In total, we all need to wander at times.  It helps us explore, which leads to us learning and growing as human beings. Why rush through life; isn't it short enough as is?

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