Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Chat - Back to School

Thanks to Leslie for hosting this caffeine filled hop...

Back To School - The Routines

It is hard to believe but we are four weeks plus into the school year here.  The report so far is a good one.  

Robyn is enjoying grade nine.  She likes her high school and is finally being challenged by her school work.  I guess a school with that contains only the top middle-schooler's from across the county should do that right? She even has her first debate competition this weekend.

Liam is also enjoying his new school and the kindergarten experience.  We still have a few problems with the early morning school bus (he is picked up around 6:30 am) but other than that, he seems quite happy.  

As for me, it is weird not teaching this semester.  I will say that at first I thought I would miss it tremendously but the reality is that I am enjoying the change of scenery.  I would highly recommend a sabbatical after seven years to anyone who can do it.  The batteries are being recharged.

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