Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose - The Hot Edition


Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering with a Purpose.  The purpose of the hop is to write on a topic that she has assigned for us so to speak.  This week's assignment is:


I like the word hot, it is such a versatile word.  It can describe temperature whether it be related to weather or food or being hot headed - though that doesn't really work for the temperature analogy does it?  While being hot headed may not refer directly to temperature, the action from being so usually lead to a hot series of events or to the individual ending up in hot water.  Though I am not sure if that refers to a bath or cannibalism.

You can use it in a way, that I have never had it used describing me without it being used in the literal sense, 'he's hot.'  Perhaps that is because I try to avoid extremes and hot is a pretty extreme word (yeah that is my excuse and I sticking with it).  I did however, once work a hotline.  Does that make me a 'hottie' as a result?  Perhaps not.
Believe it or not, the word hot was once used to describe me playing baseball.  There was one little league game where I was hit by a pitch, walked, had a bunt single and then hit a bloop single - there was even two balls hit to me that I didn't make errors on - for that game,  I was indeed on a hot streak.  
The word hot can mean so much yet be used in such shallow contexts (see Hilton, Paris).  You gotta love that type of versatility.  So to you, the word hot, I salute you - you're one cool word.

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