Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out!


Today, the kids start school once again and both are moving onto the next level of their school career.  Robyn is now officially a high-schooler and Liam is officially a kindergardener.  This has got me me thinking about my role as a parent. 

I look at my children with extreme pride but also with a degree of trepidation.  Are they ready for the next step?  Have we done enough to give them the tools to success at the next level?  Are we ready to give them the independence and support needed to successfully make the transition to into the next stage of their lives?  As parent, the logic is that you do your best to put your child into a mindset where they will make good choices.  You want to put them into a position where their goals and objectives are achievable.  You yearn for them to work hard to become the productive human beings you know they can be.  You hope that they can capitalize on their opportunities so that their aspirations can be realized.  Beyond logic however, you wish that they live a life of happiness.  You pray that they learn the crueler lessons of life in as painless way as possible.  You dream that they live in a world surrounded by those that love and care for them and that they love and care for in return.  

To my children on this most special day.   I love and cherish you.  I know you will work hard, show compassion and make a special mark on the world.  In your hearts I know you are good and that you will find happiness as a result.  I know that you will choose the correct path in life and achieve your full potential as a result.  Even though  I worry about you and perhaps even lament a little that you are growing up so quickly - I have faith in you.  I look forward to see where you are going in this next chapter and which path you indeed choose.

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