Monday, January 2, 2012

Media Monday - Grading My 2011Predictions

Uh oh!  Judgement time. In italics were my predictions from last year (here is the link to confirm that I have not changed these).  I have then graded my performance in bold:

One of my favorite sports is making predictions (and seeing if I am right (though I hope I am wrong this year)).  Most of my predictions are from my research and work but some are indeed more akin to 'gut' feeling (though based on some evidence).  Let's go through some of my favorite predictions:

The USA economy continues to stagnate (and may even go into decline again).  The USA industrial sectors have not yet caught up to the realities of the new world economy.  Until further emphasis is placed on knowledge-based industries and away from traditional 'industrial' areas the economy will continue to flounder. 

Wayne Self Grade - A- 

Geo-political relations between EU nations and the Middle Eastern and African countries will become increasingly tense.  This has the potential for potential disaster.  

Wayne Self Grade - B (The French & English involving themselves in Egypt & Libya counts.  We also have not seen all of the fall out from this involvement)

The Toronto Maple Leafs will continue to break my heart (along with the Raptors and Blue Jays). 

Wayne Self Grade - A- (The Blue Jays were more improved than thought but still finished with a record under the previous year - the Raptors & Leafs were as predicted - terrible)

Tablet computers will become more prevalent.  Already tablet sales are showing a staggering rate of adoption.  This trend will continue while the traditional desktop computer continues to disappear. Also, do not sleep on 3D TV becoming a major force within the entertainment spectrum. 

Wayne Self Grade - C (Tablets are rising, 3D more in cinema than in home entertainment. Hummm...)

We are in for a heck of a year weather wise in North America.  This year will see drought conditions through most of the breadbasket this year followed by increased hurricane activity for those on the Atlantic and Gulf Of Mexico coasts. 

Wayne Self Grade - D  (Hurricane in USA were average (though we did have a couple of abnormal Atlantic hurricanes) and drought conditions were also so). 

P.S. I will not write the Farmers Almanac next year.

 China will have a very difficult year.  First, there are large tensions with its Asian neighbors over its growing power and influence.  Second, there are increasing tensions within the country.  The economy there is beginning to slow and the political structure is being to show fractures.  This is going to be a very challenging year for the country that is growing into being a superpower whether it wants to be or not. 

Wayne Self Grade - F  (This one was a swing and a miss - wrong part of the world, if I had said Middle East here I would have been a genius)

The NFL will not be locked out while the NBA will have a lengthy work stoppage.  

Wayne Self Grade - C+ - The NFL was locked out but didn't miss any games and the NBA missed the first two months of their I was sort of correct.

The NHL will move back to being on ESPN.   

Wayne Self Grade - F  (They resigned with Versus - I didn't know about NBC launching NBC Sports Channel to compete with ESPN).

So there you go.  My seven predictions for this year.  I truly believe that unfortunately, this will be a year of great turmoil which I hope does not become catastrophic.

Overall Wayne Self Grade - C 

Tomorrow - tune in for this years predictions

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