Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prediction time - 2011

Yesterday, I evaluated my 2010 predictions.  Today, I make some for 2012...

  1. Said it last year and will say it again this year.  The USA economy will continue to stagnate.  The powers that be (especially in an election year) are not willing to do what is necessary to position the USA to be in a better financial position (i.e. cut military spending, institute a VAT tax and invest in knowledge economy).
  2. Speaking of elections, this year will see interesting elections in many of the Arab spring countries as well as Iran.  The transition to real democracy in the Middle East will not be easy and will produce many painful moments.  As for predictions, Syria will get resolved, Egypt will go hard line and Iran will have a huge controversy over their upcoming election (my guess is that a few bombs may be launched beforehand).
  3. The Leafs will miss the playoffs, the Raptors will too but they will compete for the 8th spot.  The Jays will finish 3rd in a AL East but miss the playoffs even with the extra wild card.  TFC will make the MLS playoffs for the first time!
  4. Rob Ford (the Mayor of Toronto) and the Toronto Star will have a make-up moment where each has seen the errors of their ways and admits that they current stances are unproductive and poorly represent themselves and their places within society.  Nah, they will continue to fight this battle and the up coming labor negotiations in Toronto are going to turn really ugly. There will be lawsuits here.
  5. We will see a shifting from App's to web-based programs.  
Well that is me for now.  We'll see next year how I did.

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