Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Canada

Tomorrow we leave for Canada.  It is always strange going 'home'.  It is amazing the variations that do exist between Charleston SC and Toronto ON.  A few examples,

  1. While it is hot in Charleston, everyone has air conditioning.  In Toronto, few have air conditioning and those that do leave it turned down because it is so expensive to run.  So while it is technically cooler, it really is not.
  2. The difference in prices.  With the gas at my corner in Charleston today is $3.55 a gallon.  In Toronto avg. $1.24 a litre or $4.71 or gallon!  That means an extra $16.24 per fill up for our car!  This is not even getting to the HST.
  3. It is so nice to have family and good friends around.  I do miss them.  Charleston is nice and I have good friends but it is not the same as having family close.
  4. I also like having the library, parks and other amenities that aren't nearly as accessible down south as they are in Toronto.
  5.  In Toronto, the multicultural space and the vibe of the city is totally different than down south.  In Toronto the pace is brisker, the people are friendly yet detached (no I don't have to tell every teller my life story) and it is a much more permissive environment in general.  In Charleston, life is slower, relationships are very important with everyone and the customer service is 1000 times better in general.  
So I look forward to going 'home' and then I look forward to coming 'home'.  It is nice to have so much home in my life.


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