Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On the road...

Here is how much tourism has changed. We have been on the road all day today and are ready to stop for the night. We do not have a hotel reservation so what do we do? Find a McDonalds with free WiFi and search the local hotels on my iPad. We book online and walk into the hotel five minutes later. The moral of the story...have wifi connection available - it gets you business.

Other notes from today's travels:

1. It is amazing how valuable it is to pre-plan when traveling with children. Having lots for them to do makes life so much easier (I.e. New DVDs for in car player, new books to read, a fun stop to take a ride on a real life thomas the train).

2. It is worth paying extra for a nice hotel. Two queen sized beds, wifi access, indoor pool &hot tub (to tire out the kids & help work the kinks out).

I hope tomorrow is a good day. We still have 10 hours of driving left.