Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pondering With A Purpose - Fire

Well since today is the 4th of July, it is appropriate that we start with some ponderings.  This week's topic brought to us by Brenda is:


Well if you play with fire, you might get burnt
Even if you have a fiery personality
Though you may get along like a house on fire
It is important to remember that to fight fire with fire
especially when one's fat in in the fire.

For if you have several irons in the fire
They need to have a baptism of fire
because fire makes an excellent servant but a poor master.
Those irons had to go from the frying pan into the fire
to be ready to go out on the firing line.

You can then use those irons to fire a shot across the bow
but you will then be sure to draw fire
Others will then hold your feel to the fire
to make sure you are just not firing blanks 
but rather shooting Great Balls of Fire.

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