Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday Fragments

  • We are now back in Charleston South Carolina after travelling to China and Canada.  It is nice to be back in our home.  It is amazing how you miss little things such as a shower and a bed.
    • Unknown Mami
    • On a related note: We did the drive from Toronto to Charleston leaving at 7:00 PM and driving basically straight through to 10:30 AM.  The kids slept through about 75% of the drive making it tolerable for everyone.  Well maybe except for the person that drove from 10:30 PM until home to make it happen but that person's happiness does not count.
  • Long drives are good for starting conversations and getting creative. Both Heather and I feel like we would like to change up our blogs.  Come September we are going to do a major shake-up.  We figure since we share a house, a family and a life - we can also share a blog.  Acting balanced will have a whole new meaning come the fall. More on this topic to come...
    • On a related note:I go away for awhile and see that the Unknown Mami has taken over Fragments for the summer?  At the rate she is going she will take over the inter-web thingy in just a matter of days.
  • Celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day in the same week.  It is nice having two such great places to call home. The two countries share not just a continent but an ideal; that people need to be free to make choices and live their lives according to their beliefs and values.
    • On a related note:  The kids kind like parades and fireworks twice in a week too.

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