Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Thanks to my good friend Les for hosting.  Here is what came out of her most interesting of minds this week as a theme,

Not Myself These Days: If you could live another person's life for a week, who would you choose? Will it be the opposite sex? A celebrity? Or, make the prompt interesting: is it the cat's life for you?

The silly part is that I had such a hard time writing this post.  There is no one I would really want to be other than me (even just for a short time).  I would not want to be a woman.  Sorry, but the idea of something potentially entering me is just unappealing - men are gross.  I would not want to be a celebrity.  Putting up with the lack of privacy combined with the constant judgement just would not work for me.  I thought about being Stephen Hawking - yes, I am that much of a geek - it would be nice to be that smart just for a bit but I would be afraid of seeing too much truth.  I couldn't handle the truth.  I could want to be a college student again but striking out often was hard enough the first time.

I guess if I had to be another, I would want to be a meditating Buddhist monk.  The ability to just be alone with my thoughts for a week would be nice.  I would not need anything fancy just a place to lay my head and a nice vista to enjoy.  The peace, the tranquility.  I think we have found a winner.

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