Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Meme's

First off, Hilary and the Four Fill Ins

This week’s statements:

1. Sometimes I use sarcasm if  I am really liking you.  I don't waste my good stuff on ignoramus'.

2. When I wear suits I feel classy...


3. When in doubt, read Stephen Hawking... Then you will feel really dumb.

4. The easiest way to my heart is to be a good person.

 Now it is time for Ms. 4444's and the Friday Fragments...
  • Is it sad that I got to sleep until 5:30 AM this morning and I considered that sleeping in?
    • On a related note: Liam sleep through most of the night...what am I considering that a major accomplishment.
  • Throughout the years I have complained bitterly about the IEP process.  It is not a pleasant one generally.  Yesterday however, I got to sit down at Liam's annual one and it was the exact opposite of all my other experiences.  The team was professional, trustworthy and inspired confidence.  Liam has progressed tremendously this year and it is because they have such a great team around them.  
    • On a related note:  I want to thank the team tremendously for their hard work and dedication.  I appreciate their efforts and desire to really make the kids they work with lives better.
  • I wish every IEP was written like the one I received yesterday.  The three things that made it good were: 
    Mommy's Idea
    1. Minimal use of Edu-babble.  I write a lot.  Extensive use of jargon in any field does not make you look smart, it makes you look smarmy and elitist.  I loved that the IEP was written so that the ideas were accessible to all.  This illustrated that the team really wanted me to understand and connect with their ideas;
    2. The goals were concrete and measurable.  With the way the IEP is written, I can follow along at home and measure the progress myself.  This demonstrates that group really believes in their goals and have no problem with accountability thus inspiring confidence; and 
    3. The IEP was a logical extension of Liam's progress.  This demonstrated to me that the group is realistic in their expectation and that they really considered the child when putting it together.  It was not just boiler plate IEP.  This shows me that the team really does know and care about my child.  He is not just another 'case' to them.

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