Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pondering Balance

Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering on Thursday.  This week's topic is:


Let me start off by saying work-life balance is a myth.  Every profession has times of ebbs and flows.  There are seasons when one works heavy hours followed by normal periods combined with the occasional slow times. It is how one manages their times during each of these periods which is what really matters.  During busy times are you ensuring maximum efficiency to try to minimize your hours.  This is not the time to spend an hour chatting with your co-workers.  In normal or light periods, it is great to do a little chit chat, it creates an environment of collegiality.  Also, during light periods are you actually taking advantage of the slow time and taking time off.  This is necessary to recharge the batteries.  Those who think they are indispensable 24/7 are in the most cases, heading for burn out (then you are no good to anybody).  

A semblance of balance comes from using strategy to allocate your time.  It is about organization and efficiency.  It is about prioritizing what is truly important to what is make-work or to what should be delegated.  One needs to communicate with those around them, to ask for help when needed and know when to say, 'no' to items that are not central to the goals and objectives of the job.  One needs to be open and willing to take the time to learn new technologies and techniques which may increase one's ability to be efficient.  Having balance requires one to learn to 'pick their battles,' as conflict can take a great deal of time and energy.  Finally and most importantly in a professional world - it is knowing when to go home.   

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