Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Chat - Halloween Edition

Congrats to Leslie on her first Huffington Post article. You can read it by clicking here.  The theme for the coffee chat is either the best prank you ever played or your favorite Halloween recipe.  Well my prank is inappropriate to post on the site and I am not much of a recipe kind of guy.  So I guess I am messed over on this one but I hope you all will indulge me going in a different direction today.

Yesterday, a major storm front hit the NorthEastern United States along with parts of my home province of Ontario.  The storm caused several deaths and millions (and perhaps billions) of dollars in property damage.  As of yesterday over 7,000 flights were cancelled (that number will be over 10,000 today) and millions were asked to evacuate thier homes.  With all that destructrion, I hope you will join me in taking a moment to wish all of those impacted by the storm well.  Further, please join me in hoping that there are no more injuries or deaths and that all will remain as safe as possible.

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