Sunday, October 28, 2012

The First Listicle???

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Listicles...this weeks topic is:


Before I get into the Listicle, I know all of you are expecting me to get myself in trouble with this one and while that very well may happen, I plead the fifth to all below.  I know nothing of what I write.  Items may be just a figment of my imagination.  You can and should only guess at which firsts are real...

10. First Love - A girl named Nadine who I dated for six years...Scary, I had to look back to see a picture on a friends Facebook page to remember what she looked like.  Yes, my memory is that bad.  

9. First Love Making Session - A premature launch on my part...BTW - It has never happened since...Have I hit TMI yet?  BTW - I had to figure out how to properly put on a prophylactic - yes, a catholic education once again came in handy (well in reality it did...right in my hand) 

8. First Heather - I dated another Heather when I was much younger. In total, I have been romantically linked to three Heather's in my life.  I would say what they all have in common but divorce is too expensive.

7. First Friend - My friend T - who is still my friend today.  We met in Kindergarten.

6. First introduction of Heather to my college friends - She came and saw our snow-pitch tournament.  Yes, it is soft ball played in the snow.  By the 9:30 AM game we were all intoxicated and playing naked in minus temperatures.  I can guarantee you there was some serious shrinkage happening, that is my story and I am stick with it.

EDIT: Heather asked me to add the point that she took no part in any nakedness because she is prudish and would not partake in any sexual deviance.  P.S.  You can check out her latest Eden Fantasy's post here.

5. First Felony - When I young (still in grade school) I created a matchbox bomb and blew the door off a teacher's garage.  Yes, it came right off the hinges.  

4. First Email - Was a naughty note to the girl who set up the account for me.  Yes, I did get a date but no the contents of the note did not happen.  She thought I was funny not sexy.  Story of my life.

3. First Fire Alarm - In grade school I created a time released pulley and lever system so that a fire alarm would go off ten minutes into a test.  It worked marvelously though if I had took the time I spent creating the system and put that into studying, I would not have needed it.  Then again...

2. First car was a Mazda Protege   I once hit 175 km per hour on the back roads of Northern Ontario in it.  I also jumped it once ala Dukes of Hazzard just to see if I could.

1. First Published Article - I wrote an article that I am still proud of today entitled, "Exploring the Popularity of the World Wrestling Federation’s Monday Night ‘Raw is War’."  

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