Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Blind adherence to ideology is scary.

It does not matter what political bent you are.  Good ideas come from all sides. Perhaps if we listened to each other a little instead of trying to just to beat one another; actual well thought out and implemented strategies could be developed and implemented.  

Political strategists always talk about scoring points.  Hate to break this to you but our society is not a game.  People's lives are influenced by your choices.  With you focused on winning rather than helping, you are part of the problem not the solution.  

My advice to our 'leadership' - Get your heads out of the sand, start having conversations with people that hold various view points and work to find the best solution for our problems not the most politically expedient or advantageous one.

My advice to the general public.  Watch your 'leaders'; Are they really trying to help society or are they more concerned with  winning?  Perhaps one should really use their vote to send a message.  I am not a lemming, I will not fall for talking points. I will not ignore the cheap political pandering.  I will consider all candidates looking for the person who wants a better society and I am going to vote for the person who will work towards that.  

Thanks to Cate for hosting Six Word Saturday.

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