Saturday, September 8, 2012

Six Word Saturday - Diet

A special thanks to CallMeCate for hosting Six Word Saturday...

I really hate my new diet

I had a trip to the doctor this week that ended badly (at least in my world).  I apparently didn't study enough for my blood test because I failed it miserably (yes, that was a terrible joke).  According to my doctor, I now have to lose 25 lbs and switch to a low carbohydrate diet.  This diet will apparently help my body pass my next blood test three months from now and keep me alive a little longer - that is if I do not throw myself in front of a truck because of it.  

I fully acknowledge that I have a terrible diet to begin with and that I need to change it but this diet is a complete change of lifestyle for me.  The only green thing I would typically eat was the celery that came with the wings and they was dipped in blue cheese dressing - now green things are the majority of my diet.  I have never dieted in any way before and it is taking all of my discipline to get through it.  It is also making me quite grumpy.  I am however, going to give it to my next doctors appointment in three months to see what its affects are.  I have already lost some weight and my body does seem to be adjusting to the different number of calories.  

Beginning weight (as of last Tuesday)...I will update you on the progress next week.

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