Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha at for hosting Monday Listicles.  This weeks' theme is:


10. What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas right Prince Harry?  

9. NBC can not even get the Olympics right...seriously tape delaying the opening ceremonies and then cutting the closing ceremonies off? You paid how much for the rights?  

8. Apparently retired athletes competing in a sport where everyone was dirty needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.  You know, because they gave the sport a spotlight and made the event millions of dollars and along the way one of them even had the audacity to raise money for cancer research.  I do not suppose that the governing organizations will give money back to people since almost every racer/ player that mattered was dirty right?   A great example of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

7. A presidential election will occur where a really rich guy will face another really rich guy to see who can sell us out to the corporate leaders faster...(uh yeah, this is supposed to be how we know it will be 2012 not every other election year).  Oh yeah, one of the party's will censor a guy from their own party because he does not toe the party line.  You know because we would not want the pesky free speech thing infecting the electorate and lead to them doing something cray like thinking.  It might catch on and then where would we be?  Asking for leadership that represents the people instead of the corporations...puh shaw!

6. Hates has frozen over - I was tenured and given a promotion.  They do not know what they have unleashed.  I mean I have crazy ideas like doing what is best for the students and protecting academic freedom...

5. Apparently we need are in desperate need of a hero - here are the top five highest grossing movies in the USA to date:

And you all wonder why I am so cynical - time to get happy and more positive about the world...

4. Curiosity is abundant.  Due to our Curiosity, we will soon learn a lot more about Mars.  Here is hoping that our Curiosity leads to more exploration and desire for knowledge.

3. Scientists report that a new genetic test could diagnose the risk of breast cancer years before the disease actually develops, allowing much more effective early treatment.  A test for prostate cancer is  on the verge of discovery.  These tests could save thousands of lives.

2. The 'God Particle' was found.  The finding of the Higgs boson particle using the CERN Large Hadron Collider  is a game changer.  This will help to create a better understanding of our universe.

Too bad we just found this as, 

1.  According the the Mayans (sort of, maybe) - It is the end of the world as well know it and I will feel fine...

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