Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments.

This week I had a bit of a health scare.  I have a trip to the cardiologist this morning.  Apparently they need to see how much stress I have.  I can save them the time, I have three kids - lots!  I know that is not what a stress test is but it makes for a better joke.

On a related note: I spent part of the night tonight comparing cholesterol and other cardiac related scores with my parents.  We then got into a discussion on the drugs we have been put on.  I feel so old.

Who knew going on three hours sleep, not eating right, drinking heavy doses of caffeine and heavy stress when one was not exactly healthy to begin with was a bad idea?

On a related note:  I finished each shift over the past week and managed to do with with aplomb.  See I am not that old...I can prove that point, sort of, maybe, perhaps not so well.

Looking forward to the kids going back to school next week.  It will seem weird to have everyone going back and me not teaching in the fall.  I already have students asking where I am.  They are used to me living in my office.

On a related note: I have never been more thankful for having some flexible time.  I am really going to work hard over the next four months to get myself in much better shape physically.  I want to be right again.  I do not like this feeling of being weak - it is my antithesis.

I learned a lot last week.  The primary lesson: the line between dedication and being a dunce is not as wide as one would think. I acted the dunce unfortunately.

On a related note: Thanks to Heather for not rubbing my idiocy in.  Yes, I deserve it but thanks for not serving me the humble pie.

Please come back here on Thirsty for Comments Thursday.  The purpose of the hop/ meme is to post your favorite post of the week and others on the hop to actually provide comments.  Heather has been working on this hop for a while to varying degrees of success.  It is fun to actually share ideas and comments in this bloggy world.

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