Friday, July 27, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Thanks to Cate for hosting Six Word Saturday:

Seeing things in a different way...

Blogging for me is about a new way to journal.  To look back at past entries to understand how ones mood, surroundings and current events are shaping their approach and choices of tone and text.  It is a mirror into ones progression over time and space.

This week I took the opportunity to examine past entries and realized that there has been an evolution of expression in how I have approached this blog.  My posts are becoming more aligned to my feelings and as a result have become a deeper expression of my perspective on the world.  Blogging has allowed me to develop a clarity to which I now have a vision as to what I need to do to shape my world into one where achieving my goals and objectives are possible.

My blog as a result has become an evolving but developed manifesto and I thank each one of you out there in cyber space for taking the time to visit and contribute to my personal journey.  I hope that you find that the depth and breadth of the posts are allowing you greater insights into my world.


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