Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday Four Fill In

Thanks to Hilary @ Feeling Beachie for hosting the Friday Four Fill In.

This week’s statements:

I learned how to make love in a canoe.  The video clip is a singer by the name of Big Rude Jake.  The song is called Girl in the Pink Canoe.  It is hilarious!

I have always wanted to run for political office.  I am however, too honest, too broke and too caring - it would destroy me if I won.  The ultimate bashing my head against a wall. I would be better off getting into S&M at least there would be a chance for some pleasure there.

My purse always has a non-existent and existential quality.  While I know there are man-purses, none seem to match my eyes and shoes.  If I can not accessorize properly, I just can not do it.  

One day when I am finally an empty nester I am going to the South Pacific - Fiji, Tonga & Samoa.  Though if the kids keep driving me nuts, I may end up there sooner...:-)


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