Friday, June 29, 2012

Six Word Saturday & He Said/ She Said

Happy Birthday Canada! Happy Birthday USA!

This upcoming week is very special.  July 1st is Canada Day.  The birthday of my birth country and the place where I grew up.  Canada holds a special place in my heart.  Though I live in the United States, just about anyone who knows me will tell you that I am Canadian through and through.  That does not mean I have any less respect and admiration for my current country of residence.  Though very different than Canada, I have the utmost respect for the American culture and way of life.  America is a country of opportunity and freedom - how can one not feel that is to be admired.  July 4th also holds a special place in my heart as well.  

So to both my birth land and my adopted land - Happy Birthday.  

A special toast - 

May we be good neighbo(u)rs and supportive friends who demonstrate to the world that freedom and the belief in the human spirit can bring out the best in both nations.

He Said/ She Said

This week Heather and I got to have a date evening when she picked me up from the Buffalo Airport.  With living so far from our parents combined with having three children (one of whom is special needs) and being a single income family - we do not get to go out for date nights very often.

When we are in Charleston, we will do a date lunch ever so often.  It is a chance for us to get together and chat even if it is not the most romantic situation in the world.

Every quarter, we usually have an out of town guest (either Heather's or my parents).  The price for staying in our guest room is one night of baby sitting.  That is when we get our date nights.  It was really cool in February when we got to have an 'over-night' date courtesy of Heather's parents and Wild Dunes Resort.

These alone moments have been critical to keeping our marriage alive through 14 years.  While we love being parents sometimes; we need to be a couple sometimes too.  This time allows us to connect at a different level than normal and allows us to reaffirm to one another our love and devotion to each other.    It is necessary for us to feel like we have a world to share with one another and it not always be about the kids.   This time allows us the breather to enhance our relationship which in turn creates a happier and harmonious household that allows us to raise our children in a good, healthy environment.  

So to both sets of parents who are willing to babysit, we say thank you to more than you know.

To read Heather's version click here.

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