Friday, June 15, 2012

Six Word Saturday & He Said/She Said

Six Word Saturday

Pain can lead to incredible gains!

This week featured: a trip to Atlanta where it rained 75% of the time; a $700 car repair; which was followed by an overnight 18 hour drive to Canada.   

Since last Saturday we have visited Zoos, Aquariums and Museums.  I posted pictures from the Zoo on Wednesday and pictures from the Aquarium will be up tomorrow however, the highlite from the Atlanta trip was this priceless moment with my not so brave boys...

Don't think I am not saving this clip to show to their first girlfriends. 

On Wednesday/Thursday we drove overnight where I got to pull an all-nighter driving so that we could travel while the kids were sleeping.  The kids arrived and within minutes were playing with their Papa...

All in all, while the travel part was painful, the vacation part has been an absolute joy so far...It is nice to have this much family time.

For those visiting from Six Word Saturday - some background on He Said/She Said - 
One of the regular features I do every week here on Touristic is one called He Said/ She Said where my wife Heather and I write about the same topic on our respective blogs (hers is called  It has been fun for us to virtually argue.  

He Said/ She Said

Heather and I along with our three kids survived an 18 hour drive to Canada this week.  One of our topics of conversation during the trip was about me doing some writing on her blog.  I have guest posted there previously but this was more of a lets do something regularly conversation.  Here is why this is a good idea from my perspective.

Heather is an amazing mom, wife and blogger - I started blogging originally on Touristic in order to support her interest and have come to enjoy doing it. Heather does a great job on I love reading her blog and getting her perspective on many things that we do not always talk about (For some strange reason, we do not sit around the dining room table discussing product reviews).  Heather's blog has grown tremendously over the past two years and I am very proud of the work that she does with it.

As her blog and our family has grown however, it has become increasingly difficult for Heather to keep up with her blog.  This is where I come in.  Further, as Heather has grown, I have become intrigued with her world.  I think I would enjoy the challenge of writing for Heather's blog, especially if I can lighten some of her load in the process.  Over the past year I have loved writing on Touristic.  The challenge with Touristic is that I really do want to keep it as a personal blog. Writing for Heather's blog will allow me to expand my repetoir  while preserving the original intent and spirit of Touristic.  I also think that I can bring more balance to so Heather doesn't have to act so much.

So in summary:
  1. I will write two or three posts a week on;
  2. Touristic will stay the same though I may not write everyday on it (I will probably skip Tuesdays); and
  3. Heather will finally have someone to keep her balanced - well sort of....

To read Heather's perspective on this, click here.

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