Saturday, May 26, 2012

He Said/She Said

It is amazing how perceptions of time changes over the years.  When you are a toddler every sleep feels like it is forever; when you get into your teens - a week seem like a long time.  In college/university you start measuring your life in terms.  Now, as I have gotten older, I seem to be measuring time in five year increments. My parents who are in retirement age think of time in terms of decades. So what is the point of this babble? This week is our 14 year anniversary.  While that seems like a long time to some, in my mind it still feels rather new.

One of the keys to keeping a marriage successful is to grow and develop together.  I really think that is why marriages fail.  One partner grows while the other is stagnant and they end up in different mind spaces.  This is not a problem in our household as both of us are constantly challenging and supporting each others' personal growth. For instance, the entire reason I started blogging was to support Heather's interest in it.  As we are getting older, we are both still willing to grow and develop.  This means that our marriage constantly feels fresh as there is always something new going on.   The stagnation many unhappy couples report happens rarely in this household.

So given my time-space perceptions I would like to offer Heather a happy 4.7 time scaled anniversary!

To read Heather's version click here

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