Saturday, May 19, 2012

He Said/ She Said

One of the toughest things about being a couple is when you both get busy.  The communication challenge is particularly taxing.  This week I think Heather and I had maybe an hour worth of conversation combined.  That conversation consisted of who was picking up what kid when.  This creates a frustrating situation for both partners and creates the potential for a lot of conflict within the marriage.  Add to that an absolute level of exhaustion from the schedule combined with the stress and one is sitting on a powder keg.

I wish I knew the secret to getting around the inevitable fight that arises out of this situation.  This is where I actually learned something working in the political arena.  You know you are going to take a bloody nose at times but one needs to engage in damage control.  The frustration comes out but you try not to take it personally.   You know the situation is begging for a release of tension and when it happens - you need to have a thick skin and realize there are moments when life will not be a bed of roses (or maybe someone just forgot to de-thorn a few of them).  The key is to not let it get bigger than it needs to be.  Know that every partnership has bumps and sometimes you just have to ride them out to a better week next one.

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