Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again thanks to Mrs.4444's for hosting this fragged up hop...

  • It is hard to believe that this is Liam's last day of school today.  The kids in his program start school two weeks late and finish two week early.
    • On a related note: Did you know that kids with special needs are treated equally in the school system?
  • Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I love my job and I think the world of my students.  Asking students to do teaching evaluations however, is just silly.  Then placing a large importance on them is even sillier.  I will save my entire rant while I feel this is so for another day...
    • On a related note: My teaching evaluations for last term was the best I ever had.  Heck, in one class I scored a perfect 5.0 for my overall teaching (providing proof once again the student evaluations are silly).
  • Heather has been busy running a book fair this week.  This of course has been terrible timing combined with my work schedule.  One of us has to be available to parent since Children's Aid may have a problem with leaving a 19 month old alone home.  It has been an interesting week of playing pass the children.
    • On a related note: Heather has put up a load of contests on her blog this week.  Check out to see her frags and while you there try to win something.
  • I busted my chops to get one paper deadline completed only to get a vacation response from the person I had to submit it to.  
    • On a related note: 24 hrs later, I also had another instance where I rushed to meet a deadline only to have it pushed off because the person who set the deadline was too busy to look at it.  Oy vey!
  • I had an enjoyable time yesterday hosting a group from Ap State.  They were a great group and was happy to show them around Charleston and discuss tourism issues with them.
    • On a related note: I love when students from other schools walk around our campus.  You can see jealousy in their faces.  Though Ap State is located in Boone NC which is a beautiful location in itself.
  • Erik is going through his 'only momma will do phase.'  Heather is so pleased with this (sort of).
    • On a related note: Of course this was the week she is leaving him alone with me.  Then again, I want momma may be related to be stuck with daddy.  Momma is more fun.  Daddy does silly things like cleaning when he is home.

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