Saturday, May 12, 2012

He Said/ She Said

Each Saturday Heather and I post a question that we both answer (with mine being the correct one of course) on both of our blogs - we'll also open up a linky so that you can add your own posts! If you and your spouse both blog you can put up your answers on each blog, or if you are the only prolific writer in your family you can ask your SO their opinion and write their answer down for them (word for word of course). You are also welcome to hook up a He Said/He Said or a She Said/She Said - whatever works for you!

The question posed this week was:

Define 'Mom': 

The word mom conjures up images of love, devotion and a distinct lack of sleep.  Moms try to balance the imbalanced.   The labor tirelessly for the reward of a hug and kiss.

Today is Graduation Day here at the College of Charleston.  In that vein, I view every good mom as having a well earned Masters of  Magnanimity degree.   Therefore, I confer by the power invested in me by me, a honorary MoM degree to all moms out there.

I have been lucky all my life to be surrounded by great moms.  Heather, my mom and Judy (my mother in law) are all great moms.  I wish them all and all moms a happy and somewhat relaxing Mother's Day.

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