Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Once again thanks to Mrs. 4444's for host this week frag fest...
  • We received Liam's IEP (individual eduation plan) this week.  Other than giving us less that 24 hours notice with the document, the meeting seemed to go okay for once.  I do like this particular teachers' approach of focusing on small achievable goals.  We can add more later once he mastered the basics.
    • On a related note: you may click here to read my rant about this most frustrating of processes.
  • This weekend is graduation.  Graduation is bitter sweet for me.  While I love to see the students leave and make their mark upon the world, I do miss them after they go as well.  They are a great group of young adults.
    • On a related note: I am honored to be asked to be on stage to handout the degrees for my program.  I look forward to the privilege of doing so. Then again, I do have a phobia about touching people.  Wonder how I will feel about being hand-shaked and hugged by 80 or so graduates.  I think my rule can be violated for one day.
      • P.S. Come back on Sunday for pictures of this breathtakingly beautiful ceremony.  It is a feast for the eyes if nothing else.  Truly special.
  • I spend most of this week at a training session learning how to teach freshmen.  Good to know my teaching falls into the innovative category already.
    • On a related note: here is my secret to teaching.  You treat each students with respect and dignity.  You think about how they think and act; Then you think about the material they need to know; and You follow up these two thoughts with a bridge that connects the two.  The better the bridge, the better the connection.
  • What is it about juice boxes that kids love?  Cup vs. Box - Box is the reigning champ (at least in our household).
    • On a related note: how does one stop children for playing with this bulldozers in my roses?
  • Congrats to my wife Heather for not noticing I had my hair cut. 
    • On a related note: Do I now have a not notice a hair cut free pass?  Probably not.  Perhaps that will be the topic of tomorrow's He Said/ She Said post.  
      • P.S. We are looking for a topic for tomorrows  He Said/ She Said post - Do you have a suggestion as to what you want Heather and I to both write about.  Come on, don't be shy.  

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