Friday, April 6, 2012

He Said/She Said

Each Saturday both Heather and I post the following week's question and our own answers (with mine being the correct one of course) on both of our blogs - we'll also open up a linky so that you can add your own posts! If you and your spouse both blog you can put up your answers on each blog, or if you are the only prolific writer in your family you can ask your SO their opinion and write their answer down for them (word for word of course).  You are also welcome to hook up a He Said/He Said or a She Said/She Said - whatever works for you!

The questions to discuss this week are:
What is your ideal date night?  What do you think your spouse will say?

I guess my ideal date would be to go for a nice ocean side walk around sunset followed by a nice dinner at a mid-ranged restaurant.  I am pretty simple with my needs and wants.  A little alone time, some great conversation sharing a great experience.  Just perfect.
I am guessing Heather’s answer will be very similar except she will add a night at a hotel without the kids (though I am not sure she would need or want me there).  A full night’s sleep is high up on her needs list right about now.

Next week's question is:

How do you divide up your household chores?  What is the one chore you always do and what is one your spouse always does?

If you want to answer the question for yourself or have both you and your spouse participate, just write your post and link up below... or share a comment about the topic ...

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