Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday Fragments

Let's start by thanking Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments...

Mommy's Idea

  • Congrats to our capstone class on presenting their business plans Thursday.  The students work extremely hard on these plans and it is not easy to have to present them to industry professionals and bankers.  

    • On a related note, my colleague Dr. Frash does an incredible job with that class.  He is truly one of the most dedicated educators I have ever met. 
  • On Heather's blog, she has started Autism awareness month.  I encourage all of you to go onto and check it.out.
    • On a related note, Heather got mad at me for last week's He Said/She Said.  She said that my choice Christina Hendricks to play her in a movie was 'too hot'.  Oy vey.  See, I can not win for losing.  Come back tomorrow to see how I get myself in trouble next.  It is a dating related question.
  • Apparently Good Friday is not so good in South Carolina.  Nobody has tomorrow off.  Strange that is the case in the so-called Bible Belt.
    • On a related note: What has happened to the Easter Bunny?  You barely hear about him anymore.  He needs a new publicist.  
  • We are going today to check out Liam's new school for next year.  We are meeting with his Autism Itinerant in the morning to see what could potentially be his classroom and maybe meet his future teacher.  We are a little apprehensive because it is a specialized Autism class and not a integrated one but it is for the best with him.
    • On a related note - did you know that 1 in 54 boys being born is being diagnosed with Autism?  
  • Also, welcome back to baseball season.  I have missed you so.  While the Blue Jays may still be a year away, this team is going to be exciting and fun to watch.
    • On a related note - I LOVE the Blue Jays uniforms this year.  I am thrilled they went back to the near original logo.


  1. Being a football fan, I NEVER miss baseball - - - that sport seems to have the LONGEST season on the planet, doesn't leave me any time to MISS it.

    See - - - not a true blue baseball fan over here.

  2. Easter bunny is still around in some places. In a local alternative paper I read a good article why adopting a real live bunny as a pet is NOT a good idea unless you know what is involved.

  3. Aha!!! A baseball fan!!! Good....I love it. And the season has begun...let the crack of the bat/ball and home runs begin!!! The Easter bunny seems to be sitting on my dining room table...go figure.

    My Fragmented Hour --it'll knock your socks off

  4. I hope Liam's next class is a good fit. I know many autistic children as a former special education. Many times, as children mature, outcomes become more positive. Hang in there.

  5. I want to second Laurie's comments. I hope everything goes well in your meeting!

  6. We had off yesterday and all last week, but not Monday, which means that if you choose to celebrate Easter elsewhere, you have to drive back on the actual holiday! Boo!

  7. What an enjoyable read. I noted the Autism Month. I posted info about it on my health blog in March. I am going over to Heather's to check it out.

    Thank you!

  8. How did the school visit go? I'm curious to hear how the non-inclusive environment works out. There certainly are advantages to both settings.

    I appreciate the uniform, too. I've yet to buy any Brewer's gear; I suppose I should get on that.

    I will visit Heather's blog next :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. The visit went well. I think the environment is good he is younger - there are typically four adults for between 10 - 12 kids. As his main Autistic trait is being freaked out by large groups, being in a small class environment will work well for him.

  9. I love the Easter bunny. Always have always will.