Saturday, April 28, 2012

He Said/ She Said

Each Saturday Heather and I post a question that we both answer (with mine being the correct one of course) on both of our blogs - we'll also open up a linky so that you can add your own posts! If you and your spouse both blog you can put up your answers on each blog, or if you are the only prolific writer in your family you can ask your SO their opinion and write their answer down for them (word for word of course). You are also welcome to hook up a He Said/He Said or a She Said/She Said - whatever works for you!

The question posed this week was:

How does your partner signal to you that they are in the mood for some lovin'?

Romance is such an important part of any relationship.  Heather and I have been together for almost 14 years and one of the things things that keep us close is that we work on being romantic with each other.    

I will have to say though that with three kids in the house - the easy answer to this question is that either: they are all asleep and we are awake; or we have grand parents visiting and they are taking the kids out - both  rare occurrences.   You need to take those opportunities when you get them.

The more fun answer is that we all know Heather is internet addicted.  The way I know Heather and I need alone time is by how much time she spends playing Facebook games and blogging (not really in the mood) versus being on her Kindle reading romance novels (the range goes from light romance to downright smut - her maximum ummmm excitement time).  I sometimes even peak to see what level of novel she is reading so that I know what I am in for.  

Read Heather's response here

Next week's question:

At what moment did you (or do you think you'd) know that your partner was the 'one' for you?


  1. Love you guys, you are wonderful together.

  2. no matter how or when romance in a marriage takes a lot or work - evern after 39 years

  3. LOL..I really did laugh out loud about you checking out Heather's Kindle. I read mostly murder mysteries with graphic crime scenes. If David peaked at my Kindle, HE'D never be in the mood!

  4. Oh, you're good! hahahaha Now you're a guy who could give some lessons on paying attention! =)