Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments (and a belated happy birthday to her as well).

Mommy's Idea

  • My lovely daughter Robyn is hosting her birthday party today.  Even though it is a couple of days early, I wish her a most happy 14th birthday.

    • On a related note, I hope you don't grow up too fast.  
  • I can't believe that people actually watch pro sports drafts.  I mean, I like sports but the only interesting part about watching the draft is the fashion of the players.
    • On a related note, I also will not watch paint dry or grass grow.
  • Liam has fought getting on the school bus for the last three mornings.  He cries and says, 'not okay.'  It is heart breaking to see his sad face as I put him on the bus.  The teacher doesn't know why he is not wanting to go to school.  This is where Autism makes all the difference in the world.  We are both trying to puzzle together how he is feeling and thinking.  It is frustrating to both of us as well.
    • On a related note, we are coming to the end of Autism Awareness month.  Please take a couple of minutes to learn something about its affects on individuals' and their families.  
  • I thought my sabbatical was supposed to be about taking a break.  Today, I find out that I am going to a conference in June and that my chair wants me to lead up a new initiative.  I was also approve to take some technology training in May.  I could say no but both situations will lead to great benefits for my students.  Can't say no to that.
    • On a related note, I have got to learn to say no one day.  


  1. Gerard watches the draft--even told me what channel it was on in case I wanted to watch after he went to bed. Ha! No thanks, honey.


    I love it. I am a college football "crazy fan" (which means I watch ever college football game I possibly can all season long) so I LOVE the draft - - - I sit and WAIT for my favorite college players to get called.

    This year I'm WAITING for them to call our WI QB - - - Russell Wilson. "They" think he's too short to be effective. I can't WAIT to see what team finally takes a chance on him - - - I'm pretty sure they will have a real jewel once they get him.

    And you know what? I barely even notice what they're wearing.

  3. I can't even watch most sports (which is funny cause my post today is about sports). If someone wanted me to spill world secrets all they'd have to do would be to make me watch basketball. I'd tell them I killed JFK if it meant I could leave the room.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  4. Sounds like June is going to be a busy one for you too. As for the bus's so difficult to find out the problem. Just hop there is no bullying from another student. Happy 14th birthday to your daughter.

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    My sports watching typically just involves playoffs. I'm certainly a fair-weather type fan.

  6. I'm with Keetha. The NFL draft is on as I write this. I'm not as well informed about the college game as she is, but I know what my team needs----and I hope they will get some talented and durable players!

  7. The draft was sooooo exciting for me tonight I even made a post about it over at my blog - - - maybe you better check it out!

    Yay Annie up in the UP - - - I KNEW I liked you!

  8. I watched the Draft once... in an airport during a 5 hour layover on the way to my honeymoon in Hawaii... My ex thought he has scored a good one... but what the heck else where we going to do in an airport...for five hours... obviously he got over it...hence the "ex" :-)

  9. Last week I anxiously watched paint dry in my daughter's room to see if we would have to do another coat. It wasn't much fun.

  10. One of my blogger friends has a child with autism. I think you may find her blog helpful.

  11. I have to add, I am not sure why people watch sports in general? Baseball and golf are just as bad as watching paint dry!