Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again, thanks to Mrs. 4444's for being a wonderful Friday Fragments hostess with the mostess.

Mommy's Idea

These will be short fragments for me this week.

  • A person who has a bad history with you comes up with a mea culpa moment - do you trust them or take a wait and see approach?
    • On a related note, can people really change what seems to be their nature in general?
  • I always thought that the post tenure let down was a bit of a myth but I have learned that this is indeed not.  I am in 'wheel spinning' mode at the moment.  
    • On a related note - only one more week of classes left not that I am counting or anything...
  • I wonder if Heather will survive the end of spring break?  She has needed at least an hour of private bath time upon my arrival home the last two nights.  
    • On a related note, come back later tonight for Heather and I weekly He Said/She Said discussion.  It is about household chores.  A trip to the dog house may be imminent.  
  • Did that student really just take 20 minutes of time my complaining about 1% overall?  Really?  Normally I am very patient with students but seriously now...  
    • On a related note - An 'A' grade is about being outstanding.  It is about being heads and shoulders above the average.  It is about producing results that are well above expectations. 


  1. we look forward to your she said/he said tomorrow - don't get too fragged out

  2. Sounds like a rough week for Heather. It's like "Calgon take me away" time for her. I agree with you about the "A" student. My son is a professor at a college in Houston, and he just refuses to give anyone an "A" and his idea on this is...."A" students are perfect, and no one is perfect. As you say, well above expectations. He may come across one student like that someday, but these days, with the lack of respect and that extra 'umph' it takes is VERY few and far between.

  3. At least the student does care about grades - - - in middle school and high school where I taught the too often did not.

    1. Generally I agree with you but in this was a blatant attempt at grade grubbing.

  4. Oh Lord, grades! Here we do 1, 2, 3, 4. 3 is grade level...its is where a child is supposed to be... a 4 means one or more grade levels above... your child is not a 4... they are where they are supposed to be! Good grief! It's no wonder they complain themselves in college!

  5. Whether or not people can change depends on how and when they change. I am an optimist, but as a teenager I was all about angst and an inferiority complex. I don't think I could change my nature now, though.

    If a student "always" gets and A grade, fighting a grade is more about ego than what has been earned!

    Poor Heather this week! But you did give her the private bath time, that counts for something, right??