Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday & Not So Wordless Weighty Wednesday

First the beautiful - pictures from Liam's & I early Sunday walk...

Now the ugly.  One of my goals is to lose weight but I have been relatively unsuccessful at it.  As such, I am going to try a new methodology.  Out of my bag of truly stupid ideas, I am going to post a picture of the scale each week.  I figure public embarrassment may be a good motivator.  The target weight is 200 Lbs.  Less see if I can embarrass my way to weight loss.

Come back next week and I will put the two scale pictures side by side.

P.S. No cracks about me needing a pedicure!


  1. That was brave, taking a photo of the scales.... I wouldn't dare!!!!! Happy WW, & thanks for dropping by Erika's Wordless Wednesday