Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again, thanks to Ms. 4444's hot hosting Friday Fragments.

  • Last week was such an exciting week with so many great moments, I thought this one would be a let down.  Once again, I am proven wrong.

    • On a related note, can someone please invent a time stopper for me?  Just give me one eight hour block to try and catch up while the rest of the world stops.

  • On Tuesday our department hosted our annual, Cheers to the Future Event.  We had 80 students and about 40 industry partners come to Lowndes Grove Plantation for a meet & greet function.  Last year, I personally know of 12 students who either got a job or internship as a result of the event.  Here's hoping this year it is even better.

    • One a related note - see the picture below - just wow!   People stood on the deck mingling as the set set over the Ashley River.   What a venue.  

    • The next night, was Robyn & I went to Charleston Fashion Week.   I was kind of dreading going but Robyn really wanted to see it and I wanted to spend time with her - so a compromise was met.  

      • On a related note: it was really fun.  If you want to see more, come back to see my Sundays in the City post this week hosted by the mos talented, blogger extraordinaire Unknown Mami.
        • On another related note: Apparently fashion and I ware not well acquainted.
    • While I was out at five star plantations and attending fashion shows, Heather has carried a heavy parenting load.  
      • On a related note: I am sure she will have a very interesting side of he said/she said this week.  Stop by later tonight to see what she says.  I am afraid.
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    1. That Plantation House is beautiful. I love older homes with history.

      If you find the 8 hr time stopper let me know. I've got a nap I'd like to be better aquatinted with.

    2. When you get that time stopper, post a link? I need one too! Funny how things you don't really want to go to can be a fun evening. Rodeo was like that for me - I even went to another bull riding event after seeing the rodeo! (I even watch bull riding on TV occasionally)

    3. THAT IS AWESOME!! beautiful plantation..I would love to see a real one!

    4. Fashion week in Charleston? Oh, I am so jealous!

    5. I stopped over to visit and discovered that you are in Charleston?! I'm in Mount Pleasant! No fashion week attendance for us though. I'm not at all into all that. Though two of our four daughters certainly are! The other two are more tomboyish like me. Following you now! Looking forward to it!

    6. Oh that home is lovely!!! I bet that was a fantastic view over the Ashley!! Those are some of the things I have wanted to go tour and we were going to hit them this May if plans had not drastically changed for us :-(

      I like your world background!!

    7. Thanks for stopping by.

      That house is amazing. Your wonderful week sounded like a whirlwind, I don't think I could keep up.

    8. That plantation house is stunning! Now I want the tour of the INSIDE.

    9. Plantations AND Fashion Shows? Well now, if you want my opinion, that sounds like a productive and FUN week.

      Oh, and having so many students find jobs through this is simply awesome.

    10. The plantation house is beautiful. I'd love to live in a house like that if I had somebody to clean it! The fashion show sounds like fun....although I've always wondered who wears those fashions!

    11. Aren't you the busy one with the very interesting happenings going on? I can't wait to see your SIMC post.

    12. Thank you for stopping by Wayne. I love the venue, what a beautiful building! And fashion looked good until the 'earthy thing' lol.
      Say hello to Heather:)