Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sundays in my City - Limehouse Bridge

Unknown Mami

First thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting this hop.  This weeks edition is of Liam and I trolling under the bridge...

First a 360 degree is beautiful!

Liam practicing his rock skipping...still working on that one.

A cormorant looking for some breakfast. A nice dive, the Canadian judge gives it is 5.8!

He had enough breakfast - heading to dry out his wings!



  1. I love the reflection, and I love calm water!

  2. Rock skipping is a dwindling folky skill. Does my heart good to see the younger generation learning this fun pastime.

  3. What a beautiful, calm day...

  4. Trolling, eh? You don't appear to be the troll-type.

  5. What a lovely time! Liam looks like he's having fun! Thank you - the cormorant is so graceful and beautiful!

  6. I love under bridges...the sound is totally differnet than on top. I used to live on a boat and remember going under a metal bridge near us...and how the sound of the wind coming under the bridge resonated...almost musical.

    Looks like a fun time. :-)

  7. What a great idea, bridges are so much fun, their architecture, the wonders they hold like hidden birds nests. Looks like a perfect day!

  8. Love the 360 degree view. It is a lovely place.