Friday, March 16, 2012

He Said/She Said Saturday v.3

Hi all,

This is a meme that my wife Heather ( and I started.    The rules of the meme are simple.  You ask your partner the question of the week and write down their answers as close to word for word as possible.  Then you get to add your version.  Fun is had by all...

Next Week's Question is:

This week's He Said/ She Said question was:

Do you and your spouse budget plan?  Is one of you the spender?  The saver?

He Said -

Wow, this is a question that could get me owing Heather a lot of money via a divorce.

Heather takes care of the bills, bank accounts and other finances around the house.  This is mostly because if I was in change we would always be fighting.  If I were in charge, we would have a house full of pie charts and bar graphs outlining spending per person per category.  It would probably not make for a pleasant household environment. Heather on the other hand is more ummmm... She is more willing to spend.  She does most of the everyday spending and is the keeper of the day-to-day purse strings.  She does not like me to look at the finances because I get 'carried away' with it according to her.  She tells me, "my role is to make money and hers is to spend it." I guess this is cheaper than divorce.

For Heather's version, click here

If your SO doesn't blog, you are welcome to post both of your answers in the same post ... or just posting your side of the story is fine too... please link it up here:


  1. Oh! mY Gosh! This is so funny! I have been married to my husband for 20 years. We meet through a mutual friend. I was 20, he was 28 being older then me I would say - he seduced me!!!

    I never understood just how dumb men are until my own son started dating his girl friend of today. Long story short: Last year- he was 17... The girl, 17 also, asked my son to take her to her prom. My son said he would but told me and his brother he really didn't want to go and he didn't really like like this girl. ~ I told him he better decide because 1.) he was not going to stand the girl up and 2.) after this prom thing was over he would have a girlfriend. 1 year later ...he still has a girlfriend.

  2. I just now figured out that you and Heather are married! How neat is that?! I love the two variations of your first date! LOL

  3. Oh you poor innocent. I can't believe Heather took advantage of you.