Friday, March 30, 2012

He Said/She Said Saturday

This is a new meme - the idea of this is to ask your significant other's opinion on the question of the week and link up both of your opinions the following week!

Each Saturday both Heather and I post the following week's question and our own answers (with mine being the correct one of course) on both of our blogs - we'll also open up a linky so that you can add your own posts! If you and your spouse both blog you can put up your answers on each blog, or if you are the only prolific writer in your family you can ask your SO their opinion and write their answer down for them (word for word of course).  You are also welcome to hook up a He Said/He Said or a She Said/She Said - whatever works for you!

The questions to discuss this week are:

If there was a movie made about your relationship what would it be called, who would play you and your SO and what would the plot twist be?

Next week's questions:
What is your ideal date night?  What do you think your spouse will say?

Here's my answer to this week's question:

He Said:

First, let me say; What kind of question is this?  Is Heather trying to intentionally bait me?   Is there a way to answer this question in a way that doesn’t get me in trouble?  All righty then… as they say, “the show must go on” even though she may “break a leg” afterwards.

Movie Title:  The Eight Fold Life – Love on the Path to Nirvana

Synopsis:  A couple competing on the Amazing Race must learn to balance their strengths and weaknesses in order to win.  Will they discover that while they are different, when they combine their strengths, they make a great team not only in the game but in love.   BTW – I got the synopsis from the back of one of Heather’s romance novels – I just added the Amazing Race part. Who knew?  One of these books may reflect reality

Stars: Tim Robbins & Christina Hendricks

To read what SHE SAID, click on this link to visit Heather's Blog

If your SO doesn't blog, you are welcome to post both of your answers in the same post ... or just posting your side of the story is fine too... please link it up here:


  1. Finally!!! Blogger is letting me view posts and leave comments today!! Yesterday, nada goin' for me. Now, at least I can visit and read posts and leave comments.

    First your Fri. Fragments....congrats to the math competition winner. And yes, your desk DOES look like a disaster area [but don't rely on FEMA for any help]

    Now to your he said/she said post here...

    Guess the title to our movie here in Hootinville would be "Just the Two of Us"...starring Hugh Jackman as Bud and Nicole Kidman as me of course...I saw them in the movie Australia and they made a perfect couple. I'm playing it safe here. LOL