Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again thanks to Mrs. 4444's for setting up this fragged up world...
  • What a week is has been.  I look at my desk and it can only be described as a disaster area.  Too bad I do not qualify for disaster relief.

    • On a related note I look forward to meeting with high school students tomorrow and discussing why hospitality could be a good career choice.  I just wish it wasn't for the second Saturday in a row and it didn't mean that I was working a 18 day in a row stretch.  There needs to be some rest for the wicked.
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    • On a related note, this is one hopping city.  From the last week of February we have had in succession the South Eastern Wildlife Expo, Food + Wine Festival, Fashion Week and still to come is the Family Circle Cup and the Historic Home Tours.  The spring is the thing here in Chuck Town.
  • Congrats to my daughter Robyn for being part of the winning math competition team yesterday.  She won an iPod2 for her part. 
    • On a related note, I am sorry I missed her soccer games the last Saturday and will again tomorrow as I have been working.  I feel like a bad dad on this one.
  • Thanks to Heather for holding down the fort the last two weeks (and for the next two).  It has been crazy for our entire household and with Erik trying to become a vampire and living the nightlife, it has even been worse.  
    • On a related note I am T minus four weeks to my sabbatical beginning.  Not that I am counting down or anything.  Only six classes left in term (three weeks).
  • Check out Heather and I 's He Said/ She Said meme going up later tonight (Friday).  This weeks question is who would play each other in a movie about our lives.  This means I could once again set myself up for divorce very easily.
    • On a related note, if anyone wants to provide a safe suggestion as to who should play Heather.  My movie choices usually involve cartoon characters and/or war scenes.  I can not name 10 current Hollywood starlets.  
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  1. I headed from our house (near SI) down Coleman Blvd towards Charleston (had to go to Whole Foods) and was not saying nice things about the bridge run- the powers that be had traffic backed up trying to get that darn scaffolding up. Guess I should have been fussing at myself for forgetting they'd be doing that. LOL

    1. We are projecting the most visited weekend in the history of Charleston - should be interesting.

  2. that's a nice bridge to run/walk over. I'd walk. Can you do just the bridge or is there more to the race? I've seen much worse looking desks. The paper stacks are not too high. What does your email inbox look like?

    1. It has a path you can walk over anytime. I didn't show the rest of my office. It is brutal at the moment - though there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Loved the line about too bad your desk doesn't qualify for disaster relief!

  4. That movie question is hard--I don't know too many stars' names either and would have no idea what our movie would be called--maybe "No Excitement Here." I'm sure our show would be canceled in two weeks.