Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Soliloquy - Weekend Commandments

Weekend Commandments 
  1. No meeting shall occur after 3:00 PM on Friday - let people finish off their week properly.
  2. Friday night shall contain a social element - dinner at the table, drinks with friends - it must include a real conversation with others.
  3. Saturday cleaning should be limited to the AM only - Shopping may occur in the PM as long as it has a 'fun' component added into it.
  4. One should always call a loved one or a good friend you have not hear from in awhile on Saturday.
  5. Saturday night is for the young or young at heart.
  6. Sunday AM is personal time - whether it be for church purposes or personal mental well-being - that morning is for personal reflection.
  7. You must do at least two Sunday PM chores before viewing sports on TV or other leisure activities - It adds to the feeling of relaxation.
Discuss among yourselves.

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