Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fragments - v7

As we are preparing celebrate one more orbiting of the planet around the be spheroid made of gas we refer  to as the sun, many individuals use this time to be reflective.  I shall bow to social convention at this time and do so as well in this edition of Friday Fragments:
  1. The word that best describes my trip around the sun is - matriculate - in this case from young adult to mid-life (and yes, it is an unconventional use of the term).  
  2. It is amazing how one goes from newbie to competent professional in an organization. While it may be different in my colleagues eyes; this year featured in my brain this transformation and thus the switch to mid-career as well.
  3. Along the same wave of thinking, I used to say to my classes that I was not that much older than them.  Over the summer, I did the math and realized that I was entering the grey area where I could be old enough to be their parents. 
  4. Finally, in relation to career I finally made peace with the fact that I am happiest being Riker.    To translate that thought from geek to normal person click here.
  5. The Mrs. is starting to evolve as well with her website doing well.  She is also secret shopping and starting to become more separated from the kids and creating more of her own path.  This has also caused me to work a little less in support of said endeavor and that has been fun. Perhaps her evolution is leading to both of us becoming a little more balanced in our approach to life...
  6. Acting Balanced
  7. Three children in the house has caused my parenting to change.  As each child is progressing, new and interesting personality traits are arising in each of them.  It is amazing how each child progresses but also how you as a parent react seeing as you seen that movie once or twice before.
  8. Then again - new challenges like choosing high schools are arising.  Hard to believe the oldest is only a year and a bit from being allow a drivers permit (15 yrs in SC).  Was having a discussion with her about micro or neural biology as a possible college major yesterday. Fun times ahead...
See you all next week for a new edition of FF.  Now go visit Mrs. 4444's (our gracious host) and the other FF by clicking the button below:

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  1. I'm glad to find your blog, after you've commented several times on mine. It's nice to find a fellow intellectual in the blogging world... even if my posts are less than academic most times! ;)

  2. I get the Riker comment and I agree, being the Captain can be very stressful.

  3. I found that you have to parent each child a little differently and take their personalities into consideration. It's tough...doesn't get any easier as they grow up and go to college.
    visiting from Mrs. 4444.

  4. Matriculate is a popular word in Honduras Spanish for many things. Usually it means to enter a new school term, not always just for college folks. And it means tuition too sometimes.

  5. I understand the excitement of changes in our children.....scary and exciting but still scary! Nice FF! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Oh, I didn't know that was your Mrs. Nice to put it all together. I can be kind of slow that way.

  7. Your perspective is very interesting to read, especially from my position as someone who has gtown children and young grandchildren and is very near the end of my career.
    I love your comment about how you react after having seen that movie once or twice before.

  8. Try working at a university and realizing that you are old enough to be all of the student's mother. Yikes I remember when I started working and people would confuse me with students. Not anymore.

  9. Hi Wayne, Thanks for visiting Clownremover. And yes, it IS good being Riker.

  10. I also have three children and yes, it is stunning how different while incredibly similar they are. I also find it amusing how the difference between the sexes becomes apparent very early. The thing I most enjoy about my children is that despite the many years of arguing and fussing with each other they have grown up to be friends.