Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thirsty for Thursday - No Balls Allowed at School

Yesterday, the Toronto Star reported a story whereby the children at Earl Beatty Elementary School were banned from 'hard balls' such as soccer, tennis and basketballs were no longer permitted on the school yard during lunch break or recess.  The kids following current events, decided to 'occupy the playground' over the lunch period (click here for a great video clip of this protest).

This is a true story of fear of litigation gone rampant.  Perhaps, the school administrators should be chanting what the kids were.

Acting Balanced


  1. That's crazy. I love the kids' response! :)

  2. I am sure that they would allow them to sit numbly starting at screens though. What is this world coming to? Glad the children spoke out.

  3. If things keep going this route, it won't be long before children are kept in rooms with nothing in them so as not to be able to harm themselves with no real stimulation other than visual images with sounds. It brings on such a great sadness to think that even now, children are not able to experience life in the way that even I was when I was a young child. We used to wake up in the morning and leave our house to join up with the other neighborhood kids. We ran around our neighborhood together, using our imaginations and playing, visiting one house after the other and we stayed out until dark. My own son hasn't experienced that kind of care free life for it is far too dangerous for him to wander the neighborhood. That in and of itself makes me sad. Taking away the few playthings they have left that help them develop their's just all kinds of wrong.