Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fragments

Yesterday, I discussed a story about a school that outlawed balls on the playground. I know and understand that we live in different times and that we need to protect our children but at what cost? Children are now rarely getting to be just that, kids. I think back to when I was a kid and the freedom I had and the lessons I learnt as a result. How are the kids of today going to learn to be functioning adults if we continue to make all their decisions for them?

Congratulations to the Htmt 488 class on the amazing job they did presenting their business plan concepts. Thanks to our industry partners for taking the time to listen to the presentations and giving our students a 'real world' perspectives on their plans. Finally, a big thanks to Dr. Frash, a professor that works countless hours helping these students to create viable business plans.


I am a pretty big NBA fan (I am actually a Raptors fan sadly). The lockout really has affected my ability to think of the sport in an enjoyable manner. Billionaires and millionaires not being able to agree how to split their money is reprehensible especially in this marketplace. So, I will watch more of my College of Charleston Cougars and pay more attention to the NHL and my Leafs. I am not sure that when the NBA decides to come back that I am going to have space in my life for it.

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Mommy's Idea


  1. My son is 9. And he doesn't even get recess. As in, maybe once a month they get to go outside if they are lucky and that's it.

    It's really depressing. We used to go out for recess two or three times a day when I was a kid 28 years ago. WHats wrong with the education system these days that it doesn't value play time?

  2. I really think we're doing our children a huge disservice in trying to protect them from every conceivable risk out there. I'm more of a free-range kind of parent. Kids will get hurt sometimes and that's OK. They will learn how to measure risk and when it's worth taking risks ... and to be independant adults. That being said ... on what planet it a ball a risk??

  3. I agree - kids just don't get to be kids any more... it's sad really...

  4. Kids just aren't getting the life lessons anymore. I agree with is very sad!

  5. I don't think taking away balls in the answer. It seems bizarre. How will kids learn responsibility if we just take everything away to prevent them from making mistakes?

  6. When I think of the NBA lockout, I find myself concerned for the vendors, ushers, maintenance people, etc. who will not get there pittance payments that might do things like, oh, pay their heating bills or augment their first incomes. It all trickles down...

  7. Oh boy, no balls? Not good. You know they even market helmets for your child to wear at home so they don't hurt themselves. Really?! It's too much.